Arlat Technology is a division of Price-Schonstrom Inc.

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About the Aralt history and how we bacame a division of Price-Schonstrom Inc
Arlat Technology manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment
1974 - After holding the position of welding instructor for Ontario Hydro at the Pickering and Douglas Point locations for many years, Doug Price and his brother, Harry Price (an experienced tool & die maker) formed P and H welding in Elmwood, Ontario.

- Doug and Harry Price acquired the A. Schonstrom Co. Ltd., in Walkerton, Ontario, from Tony Schonstrom. A. Schonstrom Co. had manufactured and shipped stainless steel production equipment from coast to coast in Canada forseveral years.

1982 - Arlat Technology Inc. was formed in Mississauga, Ontario. Arlat Technology Inc. designed and built head-works equipment for the sewage treatment industry.

- Arlat Technology Inc. saw great benefit in using Price Schonstrom Inc. to manufacture their bar & continuous filter belt screens, shaftless screw conveyors, spiral dewatering presses, grit classifiers and other waste water equipment designs.

- Price Schonstrom Inc. recognized that by having over 400 installations across North America, Arlat Technology Inc. would provide the ability to promote a product line as well as their custom fabrication services. The assets of Arlat Technology Inc. were acquired by Price Schonstrom Inc. and a new division was formed to specifically enhance the continued success of Arlat’s waste water equipment.

2009 - Arlat Technology offers new product releases including; the MS Multi-Screen series, built on the TS platform, and the SCS Spiral Channel Screen, designed for use in low flow and small channels and for use as the main component within our septage receiving station.
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