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Arlat can be found in many different applications
Combined Sewers:
A combined sewer is a type of sewer system that collects industrial and residential sewage in addition to stormwater runoff in a single piping system. In this type of sewer system, especially in during wet weather events, you can have large flows that have the ability to move the heavy objects that you would not find in a sanitary sewer system. These heavy objects can reach the influent or head works area of a treatment plant with great velocity. Due to their rugged design the Arlat FC, RP and MR screening options are best suited for this application as they are built to stand up to repeated contact with heavy objects and continue to provide many years of uninterupted service, removing non-bio-degtradable solids from the waste stream.
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Head works:
In civil engineering terms, the head works of the treatment plant is the area where the collected sewage first makes contact with the treatment process. Within the headworks building you will typically find pre-treatment or preliminary treatment equipment; screening, grit removal, and conveying or material handling. This is the area of the treatment plant where you will find Arlat equipment working to keep the environment clean. All of the Arlat screens, including our popular TS screen, can be found here along with our SDP screenings compactor, helping to reduce the volume and water content of the removed screenings. In addition our VGC grit removal units will protect down stream equipment by removing abrasive grit and sand from the influent and sending it to our GC grit classifier for de-watering and disposal. With the large solids and grit removed from the waste stream the Arlat SC shaftless screw conveyors will carry this waste material to a deposit site in preparation for transport to land fill or incineration.
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Sewage Pumping Stations:
Pumping stations, or lift stations, are used to move fluids from one place to another where the natural landscape does not allow gravity to perform this function. For this type of application Aralt can provide a manual screen that will allow for the removal of solids before arriving at the treatment plant. For unattended operation, the Arlat SCS screen, in a vertical mounting arrangement, can offer fully automated removal of solids for smaller pumping stations. The Arlat RP and FC screens can also be found in some large volume pumping stations.
Arlat Technology does not promote grinding or macerating of solids within the influent stream, removal of non-biodegradable material is the preferred option, especially with more plants moving to a Waste-to-Energy model to recoup costs for wastewater treatment.
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Septage Receiving:
Septage is a high solids waste material removed from septic systems, portable toilets and holding tanks such as those used on in RV's and boats. The high solids content in this material can overwhelm screening systems within a smaller rural treatment plant. The Arlat SCS screen is the main component of our septage receiving applications. This allows Arlat to offer fine screening, compaction and dewatering of the incoming solids within the septage along with flow monitoring and analyzing options. The controlled access system will protect against uncontrolled dumping and can even provided automated billing options to provide an source of income.
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Primary and Secondary clarifying:
For servicing rectangular settling or clarifier tanks the Arlat CF system can offer a variety of options in terms of our longitudinal or cross collector Chain and Flight mechanisms; from material selections for the 720 series chain, various styles of skimming troughs and operators as well as a wide scope of control options. Our systems can also be incorporated in DAF tank style systems or trailer mounted portable process plants.
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Water Intake:
Arlat has been involved in raw water intake screening within water treatment facilities as well as power generating stations using raw water as part of thier cooling system. The TS screen works well in this application, providing fine screening with the added ability to remove larger debris.
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Waste pre-treatment:
The Arlat TS and SCS screens can be found pre-treating industrial, recreational or institutional discharge prior to entering the municipal systems, minimizing solids discharge that can over whelm smaller collection systems and/or treatment plants.
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Portable or all-in-one treatment plants:
Arlat can combine our SCS screens with our SC shaftless screws to provide a portable or packaged headworks plant for removing solids and grit prior to further processing and treatment within the plant.
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You can find equipment manufactured by Arlat Technology in a wide variety of applications, including; municipal wastewater treatment plants, providing preliminary treatment as well as primary treatment equipment; municipal water treatment plants, providing coarse and/or fine screening of raw intake water; Raw water screening at Power generating stations, Industrial facility water discharge screening; or Recreation or Institutional facility water discharge screening.
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