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Satisfied arlat customer testimonials
Arlat Technology works dilligently to create happy customers in every project we are invlolved in. The following testimonials are selected from a host of satisfied Arlat customers:

The TS500 Filter Belt Screen and SDP190 Dewatering Press have worked well in our application. It removes the solids from the wastewater stream and keeps the pump station clear and trouble free.
During a period of time when the unit was down, after years of operation, how much it did was really noticeable. The pumps clogged daily and the manual removal of trash was back breaking. After repairs and the unit was on line again, pump problems went away. This equipment operates in an aggressive environment constantly, but with some routine maintenance has proven its worth.
Rick Kenna - FCC Coleman, Coleman, FL

Customer service has been great.
Any and all questions are answered quickly. Repair parts are manufactured in a reasonable time frame. My communication with anyone has been favorable.
Rick Kenna - FCC Coleman, Coleman, FL

As part of the new headworks building commissioned in 2010 for the wastewater treatment plant at the Town of Saugeen Shores, your firm supplied one TS1000 Filter Belt Screen and one SDP190 Dewatering Press.
I would like to congratulate you on the quality of the equipment supplied and on the assistance provided by your staff during the design, installation and commissioning of this equipment.
I would also like to thank you and your staff for all your cooperation and rapid response to all of our inquiries.
Robert Henderson P.Eng - Genivar Consultants, Owen Sound, ON

Having good luck with the RP500 screen. My guys love it and it appears to be doing what it was designed to do.
Jimmy Ellington - WRF Superintendent, Louisburg, NC

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